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Central Bank of The Royal Borneo Nations Monetary Policy

The Central Bank of The Royal Borneo Nations maintains the monetary policy, regulates the banking system, manages and maintains the official currency, the Royal Borneo Pound (RBP) and implements fiscal policy on behalf of the Government.




The Royal Borneo Nations Monetary policy is all about the Central Bank’s strategies that exclusively dictate how much money is required for effective circulation in the Kingdom and what supports the money to give it value in order to maintain stability in the local economy and create consistent sustainable development growth.


The Central Bank's policy is created according to the common laws granted by the Ministry of Finance as implemented at a directive proclaimed by the Sovereign Monarch of the Kingdom to create Central Banking operations and all monetary policies for the benefit of the peoples of the Royal Borneo Nations.

The currency of the Royal Borneo Nations is based on historically proven and reliable strategies of a gold standard in order to create national stability for sound ecological development and by having the Kingdoms currency linked to gold; living standards for the Citizens of the Kingdom of Borneo can be maintained at an efficient and affordable standard.

Being a small and recently recognized Kingdom that is committed to its ecological yet modern and efficient development of new “green” infrastructure with consideration to humanitarian and human rights issues; we recognize the need to build strong alliances with other Sovereign Nations and to constantly evaluate our strategies and flexibility to implement change but only after careful considerations of the effects of such changes.


Mission Statement of the Central Bank:

To establish sound Monetary Policy that:

·      * Promotes stability of the Kingdoms banking system,

·      * Protects the interests of depositors through transparent compliance ,

·      * Provides confidence of the general public and foreign investors,

·      * Proves a reliability of sustainable growth and profit for domestic and foreign investors without complicated


·      * Provides confidence for investors and depositors while enabling growth and profitability for the industry.


The Master Plan

* To establish a balanced of sufficient currency to meet domestic demands without significantly increasing

   the differential between family income and family expenditure,

* To maintain inflationary controls in the midst of developing the Nation and

* To create flexible policy that empowers and promotes sustainable growth.



Central Bank policy will be designed to keep inflation levels stable and as low as possible in order to maintain constant value of the Royal Borneo Currency and to create productivity without negatively impacting on the economy.


Interest Rates

Interest rates are directly and proportionately related to the expenditure of a Nation’s people and therefore the capacity of which the citizens have a capacity to improve their lifestyle.

Consequently, the balance between inflation and interest rates will be closely monitored so as to create effective spending without impacting on citizens decisions of how to improve their lifestyle.


Legal Banking System and Framework

The Royal Borneo Nations Central Bank is the issuer of Bank Licenses in the Kingdom and implements its legal banking framework based on ASSET-BACKED banking. All regulations and decisions of licensing are based on the real-value asset backing of the bank to be licensed and regular “real-time” reporting compliance to ensure and guarantee stability and integrity of the banking system.

The Royal Borneo Nations Central Bank, under authority empowered by the Ministry of Finance, monitors, regulates, and issues compliance orders and/or directives to banks of the banking systems in the Kingdom.


Evaluation of Market Trends and Data.

There is a lot said (some positive and some negative) about the influences that evaluation of market trends and data can have on the economic development of a new nation. The Royal Borneo Nations Central Bank will proceed cautiously regarding any evaluations and the influences such market trends and data will have in the development of the Kingdom’s monetary policies. The main focus will be on the development of the Kingdom’s commercial, humanitarian and infrastructure projects and to support foreign trade for the benefit of the peoples of The Royal Borneo Nations.



Exchange Rates  
Royal Borneo Pound (RBP) per foreign currency unit
RBP XAU  (Gold Gram) 0.0100
RBP USD 1.9646
RBP GBP 3.0461
RBP EUR 2.4154
RBP AUD 1.9996
RBP RUB 0.0595


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